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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Post-Halloween Shoutout!

Hello guysssss :D hope you had a Happy Halloween dressing up and scaring the shit out of people! So many places were having their own Halloween parties. I attended one of my friend's Halloween party at her place but sadly didn't dress up since I came straight from work, and the evening rain dampened my spirits :(. Still, I was curious to see how the rest would dress up~ :D

Carved pumpkins!
Part of the decorations by Shio and Potter! I feel so guilty for not dressing up especially with so much effort from Shio and Potter in decorating the whole house T_T

The 2 hosts: Shio (creepy witch there) and Potter (mummy in bling specs)
Yoke Lai also unleashed her bishie potential! With a cute fluffy spider on her head~ <3

Some Halloween themed finger food
There was also pumkin carving sessions for those who wished to try~
Jared and his rotting skin?
Rest of the group! You can see the rest of the Halloween decorations! Cool right? :D
Note to self: Should plan for Halloween costume early T_T. Thank you Shio and Potter for the invite!!! I shall dress up should there be a next time! XD

PS: Some of the pictures are taken by Raz :D so yes credits to him~

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