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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Performance WIP and the Works

I needed a MC just to kick myself to write a post. Shows how lazy I am lol. Nothing serious, just a fever from a viral infection. Anyways, this is a WIP post of our skit performance last weekend for Hari Belia Cosplay Comp. It was sort of a last minute thing so we entered the most simple costume EVER, K-On. Bet ya no one expected us to get a placing =P. Photos are a mixture of Audrey's and mine.
We made use of dad's mini recording studio.
The mixer is just for show XP but the mic is not. The mic is GOD. It's so bloody clear and blocks out a lot of noise! For a small mic, we underestimated the fella! Took me a few days to sync all the audio and added all those last minute effects and 2 days of practice. Very little time to practice I know since we're working, our only option was the weekend. The next problem came was finding the instrument. I wasted one week since I couldn't find Azusa's guitar so I had to rewrite the whole bloody script. Thank god the recording was done after I revised the script. Anyways, we switched the instrument focus to Mugi's keyboard since it's easier to find a keyboard. For that, we thank Michy and Ngin for loaning/helping us!
The 2 keyboards.
We ended up using the one Ngin got for us. I'm sorry Michy!!! ;_; but your keyboard was too small for Audrey TwT. Skit went quite smoothly for the prelims. Our only problem is that the location was bloody hot!!! Hooray for simple costumes XD 
Our nightmare for finals.
Words were picked out from a dictionary for the finals. Obviously we opted for the word 'better' cuz 'better' is better! *flees* Then came the nightmare of coming up with a script, recording AND practicing in less than 24 hours. Prelims ended at 5pm and finals began at 11am the next day @A@ so there wasn't much time for a breather right?

WRONG! We came back, took a shower, ate dinner AND WATCHED CSI + HOUSE FOR 4 HOURS x_X, all because I had a writers block. I thought watching TV could give me an idea but it went on till midnight XD;;;; 
Our sound room for the night XD;;
Recording didn't take that long since the skit was much shorter and we were already in the character moods after the prelims. The tedious part was editing the audio since I had more sound effects to add in. 
Supper break at 2am.
Edited the audio till about 4am+ and by then I was already quite tired. It didn't help that Audrey was sleeping beside me too ;_; so we went to bed with the audio only 70% complete T_T. Woke up at 7am to finish up the audio and was only done around 8.30am OTL. 
Last minute memorizing and practicing for the skit OTL
We had to leave for Putrajaya by 10am so you can imagine how much time we had to practice ;_;. We continued practicing under the tree beside the polis trafik while waiting for the competition to start LOL. Not surprised that our performance didn't turn out as well as our prelims >_< Ah wells, I guess I shall be grateful for getting a placing at least =D I knew it was gonna be difficult since we were at a BIG disadvantage with our simple costumes.
After the comp, we dropped by the Anal Ro- I mean Read Malaysia to see how is it going
Definitely a tiring weekend and worth it for what we got, but I think I'm too old for this OTL


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