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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review: Nature Republic Tailor-Made Formula Concentration Patch

Blogging ALMOST feels like a chore these days because I found nothing worthy to blog about in my life. Most of the stuffs that happened are kinda short or lack of photos so I ended up not posting.

I found this patch interesting when I was stocking up on my acne stickers at Nature Republic so I bought it out of curiosity. Just as the name says, it's suppose to help with concentration so I thought I'll be able to use it on one of those sleepy days in office =P
The mask
The package is designed to tear off easily from the side. My first gripe about this mask....... everything on the back of the packaging is in KOREAN. To add on to my frustrations, there's barely any info on this patch that I could find online other than 'special patch for concentration' *rolls eyes*. I'm curious to know what are the active ingredients that claims to help in the concentration.... oh wells.

There's directions on how to use the mask on Nature Republic's website but I'll also put them here just in case.
1. After washing, apply toner
2. Peel clear film patch from backing
3. Fit on forehead and remove after 30 minutes to 1 hour
* Use 2-3 times a week for the best result.
The clear film patch.
There is the smell of Chinese herbs on the patch and it smells quite gentle-ish. I loved the cool feeling from the gelled area. It feels sticky but fraid not cuz it leaves no sticky residue! which is a huge plus point for me~ Overall I feel like I placed medicated flubber on my forehead haha.

No sadly I didn't feel like I could concentrate any better but we had fun doodling on the patch *flees* Well I guess it did solve my sleepy problem with the mess we made.Unfortunately, I can't find the picture of me with the doodled patch.

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  1. Thx for blogging bout the tailor made formula patch . I got the same prob as u . While im using,i google search bout it and found ur blog. Reading wad u wrote,i jz know tat thrs a transparency at it . No wonder while i using it, i feel tat its not sticky =× i thought it had expired .