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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Visiting Read Malaysia 2011

Last weekend I was busy, fortunately not preparing for another skit. I'm still a bit exhausted from Hari Belia and my throat is still clogged with phlegm. Talking is difficult with phlegm making its way up your throat >_o. This time, I was in the judge's seat for Read Malaysia's Cosplay competition together with Kikyo and Edo. All photos have been hijacked from other people because I'm too lazy to take any, that pretty much says something bout the event, no? Or it could be just me who can't stand using my lousy camera anymore.
Day 1 contestants. Photo taken from Alan Chin's album.
Day 1 was for the solo category. I'm happy that there's more variety in the pool of contestants instead of it being populated by the popular characters. Contestants were required to do a skit not exceeding 5min. Categories for the competition: Best Cosplayer, Best Skit, Best Costume, and Best Group. 

Day 2 contestants. Photo taken from Peh Wen Haur's album.
Day 2 was for the group category which then turned into solo/group category as the prizes applied to both categories. In conclusion, as quoted from Kikyo 'could do better', harsh but true. I'm surprised that cosplayers aren't aware how important it is to make sure that their audio is clear enough. I'm sure it doesn't cost much to invest in a good mic *stares at her RM12 mic*. 

After the competition, I stayed around to listen to Shio's performance. Manage to have some pictures with friends XD;;
Me and Satan. It's a conspiracy I tell you!!! XD;;
I've been dying to do this since last week! 8D
Bandai had this huge gashapon machine at their booth and I noticed the thing is good enough to fit half my body in lol. Those who thought it was embarrassing ended up joining the wagon >D

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