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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Of Hangouts and Tennis

Mmmmmm yesterday I had a strong craving for Nasi Lemak so I dragged Johnny to the Bumbung Nasi Lemak store at SeaPark before our spontaneous trip to watch Green Lantern.
String of people eating there
They shifted the tables from the parking lots to in between the shop lots. Feels like eating illegally XD;; I was tensed most of the time watching out for cockroaches ._. The incident in the lift last week really spooked me. For those who didn't know, I was with a friend in the lift when she spotted a cockroach. It was too late to get out so on impulse I screamed loudly >_>;; I'm horribly terrified of cockroaches. They're unpredictable with their movements and they always seem to approach you! 

Anyways, next day I spent the day with Jared :3 We haven't had a proper date in 3 weeks thanks to CF *glares at Nerv* Had vegetarian at Annalakshimi before heading to the sports store to get my tennis racket and his grip tape replaced.
Dinner with the sunset
Just kidding, dinner was at Jaya One with Ezel and Swing with Nerv, KidChan and Teh-O joining much later.
My sad udon.... gods the amount of spring onions inside >_>
Our barbarian tearing through her food, tsk tsk.
Mandatory dessert at The Bee. Mars Cheesecake
KidChan's churros and Peppermint Tea. Eating Churros has never been so obscene
The peeps playing Jenga with papa Ezel on the watch. Swing now has to watch over CSP for a week >D
A good outing today as I accomplished filling up my tennis gear =D 
My new tennis racket =)
My new tennis racket is a Wilson N6 Hybrid. According to the person, it's most suited for beginners. The head is slightly larger than my previous racket and a hell lot lighter! Will be testing this baby out soon *w* I'm quite happy with this shop and the stuff is priced much cheaper *w*.
Balls and more balls~
Got the balls that the POT manga uses in their matches ufufufuf so bought it to be used as photoshoot prop~ and also for practice sessions XD. The red ball over there is a coaching ball that is softer and slightly bigger than a tennis ball. Because of the size and softness, it has a lower bounce and the ball will travel much slower which gives me more time to improve and adjust my strokes. Hope this would help me with training =D
The store packed with sports gear *w* Was so tempted to get the super large tennis ball! XD

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