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Monday, June 27, 2011

Of High Tea and French Vanilla

Yes! Sunday was the day I went to satisfy my curiosity with Victoria Rossa. After reading through the reviews, it seemed like a hidden gem that's worth discovering. Am blogging from office cuz I don't feel like going back~ There was a Victoria Rossa outlet in Pavilion but it closed down so we went to the Sri Hartamas outlet instead. When we arrived at the shopping center, we went to the directory to check which floor it's on and lo behold! It's not in the directory! o__O

Thank god I could look back at the blog links for directions (hurray data plan!) and found the place which was in the middle of all the shop rows o_o Kinda sad really.
Sorry for lousy pic =( Sad Victoria Rossa 
The people we pretty engrossed with whatever that's in front of them that we almost had to seat ourselves. Jared says that it's the position of the kitchen and the dining area which is quite far apart. I just think that there's very few customers and about 4-5 staffs and no one looked out for us? >_>;;; C'mon..... I was already rating this place a B- for service by that time....
The place is prettily decorated with pink and white.
There was a really pretty corner with the shelves and plush sofas but they were chained up so I didn't have the heart to take picture of its sorry state D8. Deco was really pretty but ruined by the surrounding shops so the ambiance was totally ruined. As I flipped through the menu, I was shocked that the prices were jacked up ;_; They claim that people steal their pretty menu's which was why they changed to the laminated ones... now I know the real reason why! ;A; The high tea for a set for 2 was as expensive as the high tea at the Ritz Carlton so we decided to skip it and try some other a la carte stuff on the menu instead.
Even the teapot is all dolled up XD;; Our Organic Special Blend Green Tea. RM9.90 per pot
English butter cake. The cutlery is pretty~ RM4
Cranberry Scone accompanied with butter and jam. RM7
Jared's VR mixed puff which took almost an hour to arrive! Even though the menu said 20 mins >_>
Inside the pie. Mixture of sausage, ham and onions  *stares at Mika* XD;;
The food is delicious! The butter cake and scone was a little crumby so it was messy to eat >_< and Jared's puff was made from simple ingredients yet tasted wonderful :3 Sorry, I have difficulty describing food D: They're either nice or just BAD LOL. The tea was a bit fruity complimented our meal very well :3 I wouldn't mind buying a pack home honestly =D The biggest problem here is the service really.... I can ignore the ambiance but the service is a HUGE turn off. Jared had to end up bringing the pot to the waiter to top up hot water. The crew didn't seem very pleasant honestly...... it's such a pity for such a nice place....

After tea, we went to Desa Sri hartamas as I wanted to check out some boutiques. Didn't find what I wanted but I found this darling cat that had such a cute meow >w<
Peek-a-boo! :3
Then we picked Uncle Ezel out for dinner at Kalamazoo. We just found the SS2 Mall sign right above his house to be darn amusing =D
No photos of our dinner at Kalamazoo cuz I'm lazy! but....
I have picture of my supper! French Vanilla from The Cream & Fudge Factory.  
It's just one scoop of sin topped with strawberry pile filling, shortcake and caramel drizzle and I'm hooked! I now bid Baskin Robbins baibai!!!! haaa it was a good weekend and now I have to go back to focusing on my tennis. I sucked so bad and photoshoot is just a month plus away!!! Gotta shape up as much as possible!!!

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