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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Like Getting Hit By A Truck

I have a sudden whitehead outbreak on my chin and a huge cyst behind my left ear. The whiteheads are all stubborn and refuse to pop out and instead choose to stay on the surface like a mushroom. I kept scratching them off but they kept coming back!!! I should probably go for a facial to clear off the congested area once the cyst heals. Speaking of the cyst..... that's another one that came up randomly. I suspect it's from all the stress at work and the lack of sleep though I don't feel it mentally.

We got a whole truckload of work this month from our loyal client and that was the same time my chin got congested. Suspicious yes? Well in short, we have a couple of brochures and other items to finish up before the end of the month and the client isn't really helping when they throw the things at us right before they go on leave or business trips. *sighs*
Johnny testing out the theory of reducing the temperature in the car LOL
Based on this video rofl

Recently did my scaling too so my teeth are sorta clean now. The dentist said my gum infection was severe so advise me to finish my braces as soon as possible. I'm trying but the progress is slow =( and now I'm being shifted to be examined by another batch of doctors who are seemingly much more senior that the previous batch. It's been already 3 years T_T

My new friend in addition to Ms. Systema.
Now I have to brush in between each teeth with this tiny thing EVERY DAY D8 just to keep it plaque free. I also kept a bottle of mouth wash in office to use during lunch. The dentist was also careless when attaching the wires to my teeth brackets so now I have the end of the wire hooking onto the walls of my mouth when I chew. Now I know how it feels like when a fish gets stuck onto the hook >_>. Pretty painful yea..... but I didn't realize it till the next day since my mouth was numb after treatment. Oh wells...... 3 more weeks to go.....

Face problem + cyst + workload + painful braces = emomomo CandyCat

and what do women do when they're emo? 
Yes retail theraphy D8
Just realized how much I spent at Watsons in less than a year. It was all the beauty drinks really.
Bought a Fila shirt and Pronic pants at Jusco during their JCard day. All together it cost less than RM50 and it's not because of POT! XD;; I'm a Fila shirt supporter before I got into Prince of Tennis XD
The next biggest haul after my racket. New set of Lancome Maqui Miracle foundation =). I asked for a Genifique sample too since I've been dying to test it out
Also got a Yayoi Kusama pouch with purchase above RM150 including any Lancome Teint Miracle or Maqui Miracle foundation =D It's so small that it's more fitting to be a coin pouch >_>. I tried stuffing my Lancome compact in and it fit nicely so yea... it'll be my compact protector since the pouch is covered with a thick sponge.
Hope my mood will be much better for the next few days. I just have to survive till the 8th of July >w<. And Ms. Audrey, if you're reading this, I just wanna inform you that we can execute our plan already as I've saved enough money to pay all at 1 shot XD;;

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