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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dinner at Maiu Japanese Restaurant

Yesterday we got an invite for an annual dinner organized by one of our suppliers so me and Johnny went for the dinner after work. Maiu Japanese restaurant was formerly known as Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant. Explains why we couldn't find the place and the organizer spelled the restaurant's name wrongly LOL.
Looks like Omaiu doesn't it =/
Greeted by a cosy atmosphere
Other agencies in the restaurant. Love the setting, lots of privacy =D
The private rooms for functions. we should've grabbed this seat for better photos of the food >_< Lighting is just terrible.
It was an a la carte buffet so we got to order what we want *_* with some already pre-ordered for us.
Soft shell crab~
Our spread on the table~
We were treated to a little sake as well =)
Someone's super happy! XD;;
California rolls I think?
Thank you gift~
Food was good~ a bit sad that they don't have unagi =P Glad I got to taste sake for the first time heehee~ It's definitely better than beer or other alcoholic beverages. Felt really bad that we couldn't finish the bottle >w< and true enough I felt like the youngest among the lot. 

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