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Friday, June 10, 2011

[Pusheen's Log] I'm Home!

After 1 1/2 months of doing nothing at Gwen's house, I'm finally at my owner's place. Oh I'm sorry! How rude of me to not introduce myself. My name is Pusheen, the star of EverydayCute.com and now the pet of CandyliciousCat aka CandyCat.
Gwen squashed me in her bag with this hard box of cookies to be given to my owner >_o
The moment CandyCat got her cookies, she immediately hid them away from her family! o_o How stingy..... anyways, I know that they're hidden in the drawer in her office so I'll probably sneak a few nibbles when she goes out for meetings >D. 

When I arrived at my owner's house, I was expecting to be showered with hugs and kisses and be placed at her side at all times. Well..... half of it came true.......
I got squashed and mauled by the other 3 residents of her bed T_T... and I got no hugs =( Her bolster gets her affection for the night *sighs*
End up I didn't sleep at night because the other 3 were as noisy as hell playing tag but I stayed right beside her to make sure no roaches come near her. My first night as her buddy so I must take good care of her! One day, I shall replace that bratty stinky bolster of hers! In the morning, I thought I'd be able to catch on some zzz's since I'll get to hog her pillow while she's at work but NOOOOOOOOO. She took me to work as well! *sadface*
Had a short nap under the nice warm sun <3
She left me in her bag while she was busy working. Lucky I had that small bear of hers to accompany me. He smelled kind of funny though.
My only company for the day =(
After work, she carried me to the back seat where I immediately konked to bed until I woke up to someone molesting and squishing the cottons out of me! @A@ Some weird friend of hers name Swing and that noisy Gwen were chatting away in the car T_T so I ended up not being able to sleep while those 3 noisy people started gossiping.... sigh.... girls....
Hogging her laptop.
Although I'm tired, I feel that I need to rant my frustration somewhere! Luckily, that silly owner of mine left her blog page on the screen and rushed to the bathroom *grins evilly* Hope she gets a bad stomach ac- oh crap here she comes! *scuttles to bed*

Till then~

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