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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Clocking in 15 a Day

Wow July sure rolls in fast =/ My last week of June has been VERY hectic. Most of us leave office either close to midnight or past midnight and coming back to office at 9 in the morning and the cycle continues. I've never showered so fast in my entire life to spend as much hours as I can on bed. Washing hair became a problem too as my hair is long and it takes time to dry. I end up doing more work while waiting my hair to dry so I only sleep at 3am+ and waking up at 6.30am everyday T_T.

Well, thank god the week is over and surprisingly I still have the energy to go yamcha on Friday night and out on an early Saturday morning XD;;
Creepy mannequins staring out in the middle of the night =/ Good bodyguards XD;
Saturday morning I had to meet Johnny at Bukit Jalil to bring some work to one of our suppliers. After submitting the materials, we decided to have breakfast before going our separate ways.
My Claypot Lou Shi Fun *_* Oh god it was heaven! <3
Didn't feel like going home yet since mum was around so I went to MidValley to do some stuff. There was an exchange programme going on at Watsons where you bring your old bottle of shampoo and exchange it for a brand new Tsubaki shampoo (220ml) =D I only got to know the day before so early in the morning I quickly turned my house upside down for am empty bottle of shampoo. When I arrived there, there were mostly aunties and uncles exchanging the shampoo.... but it's okay! I shouldn't care AND I got my shampoo >3< *kisses*

Dropped by MNG as I saw the sign 'EVERYTHING AT 50%, 60% AND 70%' How to resist, right???? All the clothes were of my size and I saw those awesome high waist pants that I've been hunting. Too bad the size 6 fit me well but was choking me while the size 8 didn't look good on me =(. I settled for one chilli red MNG shirt/blouse instead. I noticed that I've gotten fat too... since I couldn't button the stomach area when I tried a size 6 blouse >_>;; 

I'm loving the shirt right now =) It just screams handsome! and it only cost RM79 >w<
Handsome potential work shirt and my Tsubaki shampoo! =D
Probably will buy a few more pieces from a particular blogshop I've been eying. Oh money flies away ;w; Already I have to pay for my car insurance and racket I bought last month >_< My money for my clothes shall come from my previous savings *sobs*

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