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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The New Year with New Resolutions

Good morning world! I just woke up and cleaned my room while enduring the stomach cramps I got from doing my sit ups. The day is pretty good so far if I minus my mum's bitchings at the background. I just have to think about all those lovely books I'll get tomorrow and all is fineeee =D

How was everyone's New Year's Eve celebrations? I heard there were so many split parties going on @_@ As usual, I decided to go for much laid back chatting sessions at mamaks. Bitching ensured, gotta let off some steam before welcoming the new year.

We did have our own way of celebrating it. Have a long roti tissue =D

Now for the usual New Year Resolutions

  1. Get in shape. There's at least 2 cosplays of mine that need me to be in shape. Here's to be able to achieve my desired figure. Started off pretty well so far, now is the challenge of keeping to it =P

  2. Less impulsive buys! Gods I feel broke in 2010 D: I had barely any savings but on the good side, I got most of the stuff I've been dying to get so there should be less buys this year! I hope.... =/

  3. Execute 2 of my cosplay projects!

  4. Read more! I think the number of books I bought this year can be counted with my fingers =(

  5. Sleep early! (meaning by 12 midnight lol)

  6. Normally I have a slot which I leave it secret. This slot is a resolution for me to forgive and forget that asshole. It has been on my list for a couple of years and I realize I can NEVER do that. So fuck this shit, this years resolutions would be to take a swing at that pathetic piece of shit when I get the chance.

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