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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Today was a really weird day. My mum woke me up to sign a parcel of mine which turned out to be cornflakes from Nestle. I recalled signing up on FB to be one of the first 1000 people to get a free box of Cheerios cornflakes 300gm but I didn't think it'll take this long to arrive omg.

Tadaa~ my breakfast for the next 2 weeks? =P Now I just gotta remember to buy milk.

There's another parcel yesterday too but I wasn't around >_> CityLink threatens to return the parcel after 3 days omg @A@;; I've honestly no idea what the hell I ordered....... scratch that, I didn't order anything! @w@ Ah well gonna drop by Audrey's house tomorrow and pass her my details for collection ><;;.

The past 24 hours have been sort of productive. I got myself a new top from Paperdolls as much as I told myself not to spend anymore D8. Dammit Joanna just keeps bringing more cute stuffs in DX. Then I reached home and washed my clothes, at least 50% of them are washed now.

This morning had to clean the bookshelf =w=;; cleared a hell lot of books and my mum nagging behind me cuz the bookshelf is full. Well.... the reason its full is cuz she asked us to keep the unwanted books there as well since our house really lacks space =w=;; By the time I cleaned the bookshelf, it was already 5pm ;w; so I had to rush to Berjaya Times Square for some emergency shopping which was just to get my pimple stickers XP. Needed them desperately cuz they're the only things that are keeping me from touching my pimples. Thought of getting some shampoo but the Gliss Kur and Tsubaki shampoo is damn expensive D8... hello LYN~! >w</

The green box are the acne stickers, concentration patch that I bought out of curiosity and my Nature & Co samples that arrived in the mail last week =D

After my trip to TS, spent a while in the squash court playing tennis with the wall. I'm so happy my skills are still decent! I could still rally with the wall and play with my left *o*/. Played for about 30 minutes then jogged 7 + 5 rounds around the court and did my sit ups.

Productive day YES? XD

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