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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cleaning Up 2010

Because I can put this

Have a cute cat! This might be my last cat pic for 2010 T_T

How has 2010 been for you? I can say mine was fairly good with some bumps along the way. Me and Jared finally got out Starbucks planners after collecting stamps spread over 4 different cards lol. The poor barista had to do a lot of transferring.

Come admire my new planner! =D Which I bet you will be empty till the end of the year lol. This planner retails at RM55 at Starbucks outlets wtf.

As usual I normally list down my achievements for this year before making resolutions for next year lol. This year has been a pretty eventful year because:

  1. I got out of that damn university!
    Yes after 4 horrible years, I've finally left that goddamn university with an empty brain.

  2. I got a job!
    I got a job real quick too, after CNY. Took me about 2 months of resume polishing and sending it out and attending interviews. I'm proud to say I went through 5 interviews, got 3 offers and 1 job! =D

  3. Accomplished almost 50% of my wishlist
    I guess that since I'm earning a much better income now instead of waiting for my allowance, it's easier to get the things I've been dying to get since my uni days. Funny part is I covered most of the expensive stuff on my wishlist lol.

  4. Makeup skills level up
    With my upgraded kit and the funds to test products, I can say my skills level up a little, though I think it doesn't do justice with my makeup box. I admire those who can put on makeup and their kits are so small!!! Maybe it's because I just want EVERYTHING lol.

  5. I cosplayed!
    Finally I did something else beside Coffy ugh! Costume ended up in disaster but that project helped me improved my makeup skills like crazy @_@

  6. I learned how to curl my lashes and apply falsies
    Not really such a big achievement at the age of 22 but I've always been afraid of the curler >_<. My lash application skill is still quite bad for my left eye but I managed to put on both during CF =D

  7. To be able to belanja more
    Well it was just small treats but I've never been able to treat anyone before this or buy good presents for people *_* I love working! hahahaha

  8. Improved my wardrobe
    I've only started recently but it looks better @_@ since I've been wearing the same old clothes for more than half the year *malu*

  9. Permed, rebonded and dyed my hair within 2 months
    I've always done either one each year but never 2-3 treatments at 1 go. This was because my perm turned into disaster, my curls looked so dry so I went for emergency rebonding. I dyed my hair cuz I was interested in trying Prettia foam hair dye lol

  10. Went to the famed Estee Lauder Warehouse Sales and Shu Uemura Warehouse Sale
    After missing it for 2 years, I finally manage to step into the best warehouse sale in KL *_*;; There was too much temptation but I ended up walking out with only a Clinique blusher that cost RM50 lol. Shu Uemura Warehouse was also another one I looked forward too and manage to visit this year and thank god I didn't get suckered to getting those Neo Fringe lashes lol.

Next to work on resolutions (believe me, I'll sure forget them till end of the year lol). So how was your 2010?

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