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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Finding Something New Each Day

2011 didn't kick off at a great  start for me D: Spotted 2 huge roaches in office which means the whole office jumped out of their skin when I screamed =/ There was another one crawling near my cubicle the next day but thank god I clocked out by that time >_< Really, one fine day I might just hand in my resignation if the I start to find one each day D: I suspect that the office was quiet for 4 days so the pests thought they could party or something cuz this normally happens after the holidays D:

Colleagues birthday today. We got her a chocolate walnut cake. I nearly gagged from eating the walnuts =( cuz I generally hate nuts in my desserts.

Yesterday I dropped by the pasar malam after postponing for MONTHS. Manage to get more lashes and found some pretty ones that I can test on =D. I found some pants to wear around at home too but I'm on a very tight budget this month TwT. Total spent was around RM13 on lashes X3

Was comparing the individual pair I got to the 10-in-a-box.

Left: Lashes I have, Right: New lashes from pasar malam~ hehe they're slightly thicker~

Found good use for the box Brian gave me for Christmas 8D Fits all my lashes perfectly! <3

I'm so broke this month because I overestimated my expenses ;___; dammit. This shows that I need to get another bank account to put my savings in >_> or I could just get the cat coin box for fun and stuff all my saving money inside ;w;

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