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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lazy Bug Has To Make Short Term Goals

On the way home today I thought of the things that has to be done and the more I think, the longer the list goes and when I start comparing to the time I started on the list and how much have I completed, it goes to ZERO! ZILCH! NADDA! x_X So I'm making a list over here since the reason I haven't accomplished anything is because it keeps slipping my mind *sigh*

  1. Get a haircut

  2. Get shorts to prance around at home. Need 5 more pairs.

  3. Get earring stand (after CNY probably)

  4. Get new running shoes. Adidas maybe? Please wait for me warehouse sales ;_; I can't afford to spend like RM200 on shoes *sobs*

  5. Start jogging to build stamina >_<

  6. Change the grip tape of my racket. Feel like picking back tennis after watching POT HAHAHA It was the reason I took up tennis when I was 16/17 and the only spontaneous decision that I manage to keep for almost a year XD;;


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