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Monday, August 16, 2010

My Experience with Eumora Part 2

This is not gonna be pleasant ._. What I've blogged about previously was just the first week of using Eumora. By the second week, pimples were sprouting on my face growing faster than mushrooms D: There was one of the days where I found 3 medium sized ones popping out and then the next day another THREE medium sized pimples popped up. My chin was covered with pimples of all sizes and they hurt like crazy when I smile. I had to constantly apply the mint mask to soothe the pain. These pimples were difficult to treat and had multiple oil seeds in them. They hurt so much when I popped them that I nearly cursed out loud at home.

I've stopped the Eumora and am keeping to the usual cleanser and toner + ampoules hoping to get rid of them. Yesterday I found a bump under my chin, my mom got paranoid so she kicked me to the nearest doctor for a visit. Turns out it was a lymph node that was caused by the pimples on my chin. This is quite new to me since I've never read about this in bloggers review. I know some of them had bad experiences but never this bad =( so you could add this to your list of shit that Eumora can cause D8 for those who are interested in trying. I'm sadly one of the 5% that suffered so badly from this innocent bar of soap =(

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