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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Estee Lauder Staff Warehouse Sale 2010: Where Females Henshin into Sparta Men

I should put this in my top 12 things I achieved for this year XD;; I've been stalking this sale for over 2 years but never got the chance to go. In 2008, I didn't know how to get the invites, 2009, I got the invites but was too exhausted the day before so I woke up late. I planned to go there by 5+ but thankfully I didn't cuz I heard there was a massive queue by 4am.

This year, equipped with all the information from the reports from previous years, I decided to set foot into the war zone. This time, I had an additional companion to share my pain! =D Dropped by YL's house around 11pm+ and we spend our time youtubing for crack till about 3am. CARDCAPTOR MARIK FTW AHAHHAA

3.30am we started our journey to Renaissance Hotel. Should've gotten some breakfast before we joined the queue =(.

See how long the queue is? This was about close to 4am D8

There was a group that arrived at 1am wtf. We brought potato chips, water and a laptop to watch Kobato and K-on to kill time. Plan failed anyways since my laptop didn't have the codec so there was no subtitles D8 plus the hall was kinda noisy so we could barely hear anything. This has got to be the most interesting sale ever. I've never seen a large group stood up so quickly in my entire life XD;;

By 8am, they let us in and everyone rushed in and flocked the Bobbi Brown counter @_@, there was barely any space for me to squeeze in D8. I got the foundation I was looking for but the shade was a lot lighter than I expected but the shade color was correct. Didn't risk getting it anyways, it's RM75 >_>. Most of the stuffs like lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, and eyeshadow were all prepacked so there's not much room for your to pick. There were towers of DKNY Be Delicious perfume. YL got one but I already had my heart set on getting Dior Blooming Bouquet ever since I got a whiff of it =D. The Estee Lauder counter was super crowded as well, selling a lot of sets for quite a reasonable price but they didn't have the set I wanted. I saw the Hydrationist going very cheaply around RM100+ D8 ah the temptation..... I didn't see Idealist around, probably finished already =(. Clinique booth was full too and I got myself the Fresh Picked Allover Color in Mixed Berries =D and sadly the lip glosses were sold out by the time I was there >w<. Ah wells good for me since I get to save >w<

Out of curiosity, we decided to see how long the queue was. So we followed the trail of people after queuing.

This was 8.30am after the 5 rows of dividers.

Going down the stairs

Under the stairs

Queue leading to the east wing. Sorry for blurry pic x_x

Filling up the lobby in the east wing

Heading out to the exit

Outside the hotel

Finally the queue ends here! =D

Canceled my Shu Uemura event and changed it to Pavilion instead x_X. Wanna try and pop by MOFEW before heading there. *goes back to KO-ing*

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