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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hauls for Today

Damn I totally forgot to post my pretty blusher but it's ok since I can post my new lashes XD

First an unrelated picture of one of the palette's that YL bought. It has a nice gold shimmer and the palette only costs RM50 *_*

Now it's my blusher! =D I was browsing through the box of blushers and I found this! *_* It was together with the normal blushers XD;; This is the Clinique Fresh Picked Allover Color in Mixed Berriesthat came out in Spring 2010 *_* Yes folks this is new! and it only cost me RM50 whahahaa *jumps happily* I tried to do the swatch but the color refused to appear on my hand but it appeared on my face. So weird ~_~

Got dragged to pasar malam and I saw..... fake eyelashes~~~~ All these cost only RM15 in total 8D The 3 boxes at the side are for me to experiment with super thick bottom lashes for Luka.

First box~

The second box 8D

Criss-cross basic lashes

I love how sweet these looked =D

Last one X3

Now there's plenty of lashes for me to destroy in attempts to learn how to glue lashes onto my lids =D and also to test Luka's full makeup

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