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Friday, August 27, 2010

LimKokWing brings you Creativity In Motion

This is really late ;__;, I was hoping to blog about this a week after the event but work caught up.

A few days before the event, Dusty asked me whether I can fill in for him so I thought hey why not since it's fashion =D so I responded to the RSVP and emailed Kah Wai, the Associate Director of Media Relations & PR for Limkokwing University.

I arrived there too early!!! ;___; but there was so many people there @A@;; Registered myself and I was given the press kit and Kah Wai immediately knows me @_@;;; which was pretty scary. Got her pin number so we're Blackberry buddies~ She showed me to my seat where I sat down, and read my book till the event started (yes I'm sad).

Look at the amount of people @A@;; I feel so grateful sitting on the chair now lol

The event was held at Jaya One at the open spaced area between Brussels and Starbucks. Both cafe's were filled with people enjoying their food while waiting for the show to start.

Hosts for the night. I do apologize for the photos, there will be lots of heads =(

The night started with performances from 2 groups. The first group did a rap

Second group did a nice performance of Telephone and Glee's Don't Stop Believing

Now comes to the hair show. This year, the theme is a bout cultures around the world which explains the super colorful outfits of different styles.

One of my personal favs :3

Group shot! *o*

Next came the hair show and I enjoyed it so much! *_* Models strutted on the runway in awesome punk-look styles. This is my favorite! <3

This was just awesome, I'm still wondering how it can stand for ages @A@

Beatboxing performance.

Your local Ludacris lol =P

Sadly I had to make a move halfway since I was feeling so tired and I still had to work the next day. Settled for a quick dinner nearby and made my way home.

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