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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weekend of Jakun-ness

For those who don't know where I disappeared to during the weekend, I went to Singapore =D. Took a night bus on Thursday night and arrived at 1.30am in the morning x_X. Much thanks to Gwen and her family for hosting our stay in Singapore and taking us around. Being my first time in Singapore, I obviously jakun-ed over a lot of things XD;;


Oh gods there are malls EVERYWHERE! *O*/ Charles and Keith is EVERYWHERE! They bring in killer looking shoes that makes the Charles and Keith in KL look so conservative =A= *flips middle finger* Average price per shoe in Charles and Keith, KL is about RM129 minimum and when they have sales, it's only the 'ah sam' looking ones that are cheap D8, about RM60+? B-b-b-b-but in Singapore! Oh gods! Killer heels for $39.10 after discount, normal price $59+ but trust me, if I had the money, the discount wouldn't have bothered me one bit and I would've just snagged the shoes! All the shoes there look much better than the ones KL brings! Argh!!! *tears hair*

And then the Watsons, oh lord the Watsons is god sent! Sworn to rip your pocket to shreds! T___T I found super thick lower eyelashes *_*b from Canmake but it was $9.90 oh the pain DX. Some of the stuffs are cheap and some are expensive, whole time we were doing some price comparison session. The word most used for the whole trip is either 'cheap' or 'expensive' =w=;;; Found the Nexcare fashion tapes too which were cheap going at $5.95

Sasa.... *drools* they have much better deals here and they bring as much wider range too! I bought a BeautyTalks Collagen mask for $1.95, normal price $5.95! =D I spotted Ardell lashes at both Watsons and Sasa but I couldn't find the falsies that I wanted ;___; The BeautyTalks OxyMask was HORRIBLY CHEAP TOO DX $62 only!!!! KL is like selling for RM189 cheapest so far D8

Sephoraaaaaa!!!!! The playground for big girls like me! No SA's to hover over you and ask what you want XD;; The place is equipped with vanity tables filled with face makeup remover, nail polish remover, cotton pads and cleansing oil =D. Those vanity tables are located at every counter brand <3 so everything was quite accessible. Had so much fun playing with stuff. Even the hair care section had a counter for you to play with the products! <3 We smelled this REALLY good bath product that smells of chocolate fudge. Even the strawberry one smelled like you're bathing yourself in strawberry jam lol, but we forgot the name of the brand! *bangs head on table* Stuff there is pretty expensive though =(. Good thing we have Smashbox in KL lalala~ It's RM10-20 cheaper here XD

Shopping at ION is so intimidating D8, I thought Pavilion was horrible, ION is just much worse after I saw how large their LV boutique is.... What happened to lack of space?!?!?!?! Inside the shopping centres is quite cramped =/, I found it difficult to get a hold of the floor plan since we can't see the whole shopping centre from where we are unlike Pyramid, Times Square or MidValley where it's divided into wings and we can spot what shops there are on the floors.

Expensive water is expensive!

I jumped out of my skin when I stepped into 7-11. Water costs $1.65! wtf DX and then I remembered SG buys water =w=;;;; Ah but I looked so pathetic pawing the fridge door looking at the water ;__; Thank you Gwennn ;__; I promise to be a good host when you come downnnnnn.

Singapore is not friendly to Tourists D:

Blasted Wifi and MRT is so hard to use =(. Why can't the machine eat up the train tickets like our trains do! >3<;; Instead, we have to grab refund from the machine when we reach our destination D8 *kicks machine* and the MRT is even MORE confusing than our LRT D8. One thing I like is how fast the escalators are 8D I can't access the Singtel Wifi D8 apparently it's only for SG lines? D8 sucks to be a tourist.

I'm just too lazy to post any pictures from the trip =( so here's a picture of the souvenirs I got from the trip XD

From the left, Fucking Urgent memo 8D from Cotton On for my boss, Nexcare non-slip tapes from Watsons, BeautyTalk Collagen Mask from SASA, Canmake falsies from Watsons and a pair of chopsticks from Daiso XD to keep in office.

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