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Monday, May 3, 2010

So Much For A Good Morning

I wanted to blog about my weekend but.... my morning got ruined by an asshole =(. I was driving beside a bicycle and some asshole on a motorbike thinks he's small enough to squeeze in between me and the bike. I ended up with a gash on my car and the asshole just smiled, waved at me and drove away. FML

For my birthday this year.. I request donations to repair my car =.=;; There's 4 dents on that side... one of them has gone rusty.

On to other matters...

Parking my brother's car

The other day I had to park my brother's manual car outside since there's not enough parking space in our condo. So with my manual theory from 5 years ago and the last manual car I touched was 5 years ago (ok I tried driving Jared's car a couple of months ago and I sucked but at least the car didn't die XD;;), I went to park his car. After spending an insane amount of time, I parked his car beautifully! It was a failed moment yet I've never felt so proud of myself D8. Wonder why it was fail?

  1. Looked high and low for the air con switch

  2. Then I looked high and low for the button to pull the window down

  3. Then comes to adjusting my seat, which totally failed cuz I still couldn't press down fully onto the cluth so when I was driving, I had to balance my body on the chair and balance my feet on the clutch OTL

  4. The car died more than 6 times cuz my short feet had problems with the clutch D:

Saturday Madness

I squashed all my plans into Saturday so that I'll have a free day on Sunday. The result was chaos cuz I stuffed too many >< Originally the plan was:

  1. Jogging

  2. Settle YM shit

  3. Go to Chinese funeral

  4. Go to Malay wedding

  5. Collect book from KLCC

  6. Attend Origins Earth Day

  7. Visit product fair at PJU 1

I didn't realize it was a double wedding lol. Both sons got married at the same time.

Stuff I got from KLCC and Pavilion =D Book from Jonathan, bought pencil sharpener from Watsons and Origins samples from their event at pavilion. They were giving out like hot cakes =D

Saturday was also a fail day since I didn't manage to jog or visit the product fair TwT. Hope tonite will be great, I've got goodies to haul back~

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