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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Review: Laneige Water Bank_EX range

From left: Water Bank Cream 2_EX, Balancing Emulsion 2_EX, Power Essential Skin Refiner Light_EX, Water Bank Essence_EX, Water Bank Eye Gel.

Some 2 weeks ago, I was one of the lucky participants to be given this Water Bank trial kit. The catch is we're suppose to fill up a survey form in 2 weeks time. I've just received my survey form and I thought of posting my thoughts about this range here. Laneige recommends 4 steps after cleansing the face. The skin refiner comes first which acts as a toner followed by the balancing emulsion which helps the skin absorb moisture better. Then comes the essence and cream which will give your skin a big moisture boost =D Notice how some products have the number 2 on it? Well that indicates that this range is suitable for people with combination skin =D

Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner Light_EX

As mentioned earlier, the skin refiner acts as a toner. It effectively restores sebum balance and reduces oily zone leaving the skin soft and fresh for better moisture absorption. I find this product very nice and cooling when applied on my skin but for those with pimpled faces, brace yourselves for it's gonna be a rough ride!

Laneige Balancing Emulsion 2_EX

Laneige has been kind enough to customize this range to suit all skin types. Luckily, I got type 2 which is for combination skin, type 1 should be for normal skin if I'm not mistaken. The balancing emulsion is oil free and comes with anti-oxidant and firming qualities. I found out during the briefing that emulsion helps improve the moisture absorption from rest of the skin care products (eg: moisturisers, creams, etc). I have nothing to comment about the emulsion, except the packaging. Oh boy it was difficult trying to get the emulsion out onto the cotton pad, without using my manly powers >_>. It's as difficult as trying to get old ketchup sauce out from the bottle!! At first I thought that maybe the emulsion I got was old or expired but turns out other participants are having the same trouble.

Laneige Water Bank Essence_EX

The essence circulates moisture from deep within the skin, protecting the skin from losing moisture while strengthening cells and increasing skin renewal rate. This light serum contains extracts of soya bean, blueberries, honey, yeast and shea butter. Given the list of extracts here, I'm expecting my skin to be soft and velvety by the end of the survey =). The essence comes in a pump bottle so I didn't struggle with it =P and just as described, it's a very light serum that spreads easily all over my face.

Laneige Water Bank Cream 2_EX

This light weight water based cream provides a moisture barrier on the skin for up to 12 hours. I love the smell of the cream but find it too sticky when applied to my skin ><

Overall: During the 2 weeks I was using the product, I did not experience anything new. I still get breakouts and my face often feel sticky with a layer of oil. Add in my struggle with the emulsion bottle, I honestly don't feel like following this skin routine.

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