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Monday, May 24, 2010

Review: ELF Studio Blush in Tickled Pink

My ELF Bush in Tickled Pink

I never had the patience for the sprees in LowYat Forums so I dug deeper and found someone selling their ELF blusher. It's slightly cheaper AND I don't have to wait~ =). The blusher comes in a similar casing as the NARS Orgasm and it gets smudged quite easily >_<. I was fiddling with it in office and I have really oily hands so it only took 2-3 sheets of tissue to get the smudges off =). There's no brush included with this blusher but I have no problems with that as my main requirement for blushers is to have them in a big pan =D so that I can swipe my big fluffy brush all over it.

Since I was too impatient to swipe it at home, I swiped it with my finger at office XD;;; Surprise, surprise there's a sheer mark of the blusher on my fingertips. The color is very similar to Benefit's Dandelion. I tried taking picture of the blusher but it was just too light unless I use flash T__T. It's not a blusher I would throw aside, the color is perfect for day makeup as it gives you a natural flush on your cheeks. It's not as pigmented as many reviews mentioned but it you're on a budget, this is your blusher. I have no regrets spending my RM10 on this blusher =D as Dandelion costs RM139 *shoots self* I will make a comparism with my NYX blusher as soon as it arrives =D

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