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Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Happens in Office

What we do for product testing

This is one of our projects, advertising an air purifier. My colleagues started jakunning on this product the moment we got our hands on it lol. The indicator changes color when it detects allergens in the air so my colleagues started 'feeding' the purifier with smell of potato chips, biscuits, coffee (pic: my colleague feeding coffee to the purifier). The art director rubbed her leg on the purifier and the indicator lighted orange! (which means the air is dirty) ahahahahha!!! Then when she asked our boss to lick the purifier.... HE DID OMG and at the very same place our art director rubbed her feet on *facepalms*.

Yes we have sick people in office lol. I haven't started about others yet XD;;


  1. what is your job, sounds fun

  2. Hi Vivien~ I'm working as an Account Execute at an ad agency XD;;

  3. you have a scary office :O