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Friday, May 14, 2010

There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Or is there....? 8D

My free lunch at Bayu Timor XD. We had a farewell lunch since 2 of our colleagues are leaving.

The cat farm opposite Jared's place 8D. When I squat down, they gathered! When Jared called out to them, they flee! mwahahaha~

For dinner, we went to Empire Subang to see the place! Very classy looking XD and we dined at Italiannies! Partially cuz I liked the checkered looking floor *_*

Our large portions!!! The prawns were super fresh =D

My fish with angel hair. The angel hair was a disappointment =( it was kinda dry, salty and oily DX

Dessert from Coffee Bean, was curious about their frozen yoghurt =D Tastes like milk powder + vanilla haha

Super bling-ed Toys R Us at Empire =( how I wish I'm 9 D: Childrens toys look so much better nowadays (and more expensive too argh!)

My free samples for yesterday! <3

3 sachest of Laneige's star product which is the sleeping pack :3 I've been asking counters for a sample of it the last month and they showed me their thick faces telling me there's no such thing D: hmph!

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