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Sunday, May 23, 2010

IBE 2010 + Extra Hauls

My haul from Saturday's shopping day :3

I got sold by this pair of eyelashes *_* Bought it from CinemaMakeup booth. They were having a buy 1 free 1 for all their products.

The other pair that I got.

Total I paid at the expo was RM32. RM22 for the eyelashes and RM10 for a 3 packs of sponges orz. I didn't need that many but they're selling me a pack at RM9 wtf. I didn't really buy much from the expo as I've already prepared a list of what I want to buy and I really don't want to go overbudget. I intend to get the Dolly Winks eyelashes but I found out they were RM55 ;__; and they suit daily wear rather than for photoshoot purposes. I wanted the transparent masks but they weren't around sadly D8. Half of the booths were selling BB cream of all sorts, I got some samples of Hanskin BB cream along the way =D.

After KLCC, I went to Pyramid with Jonathan while Jared went back to complete some work. Main purpose was to get my flats and some accessories for Coffy. I was debating on those flats for a couple of weeks but bought it in the end cuz the bottom was PADDED! <3 Oh the luv! and they cost less than RM50 after discount! =D. I didn't buy anny accessories for Coffy but I got this instead.


Got those earrings for RM15 T_T. Super expensive but I think it's worth it for my love to Sesame Street T_TV. After Pyramid, dropped by Daiso, The Curve to buy a water bottle to monitor my water intake. I'm starting on a slimming drink that requires me to drink at least 2 litres water a day. I'll also be exercising of course but I know that it won't be enough so gotta do something to curb my appetite =/. I saw some nice clothes at Nichii but they were a bit pricey and I could see my belly *sigh*, I didn't buy that nice pair of jeans I saw at Edwin too as punishment for myself =(. I told myself that I won't buy any clothes till I slim down =(

Oh yes my Hanskin freebie =D Can't wait to try this on next week!


  1. wow ur cookie monster earing is so cool!

  2. Thanks!!!! =D