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Monday, March 1, 2010

Terrible Friday Experience

Thank you Jared for bringing me to nice places to eat ;_; it was definitely a good weekend~

Went to Gardens and had lunch at Zouk :3

They had a lunch set for RM21.90 or RM18.90 an add RM4.90 for dessert or soup. We took the RM21.90 and added soup and dessert. I ordered cake as my dessert only to have the waiter telling me that they only serve beef pie and muffins on that day when clearly the menu says dessert is any cake selection or panna cotta. So our dessert is Beef Pie and and for soup, we picked Wild Mushroom soup

Jared's Seafood Aglio Oglio

My Fish and Fries that took AGES to arrive

The service was TERRIBLE. Our soup didn't arrive and when Jared asked about it, they went back to the kitchen and came back telling us there's no more mushroom soup. Again, I whinned about the cake so the waiter said he'll go and ask the manager. I got my cake in the end thanks to him. My Fish and Fries took ages too. We were long done with the Seafood Aglio Oglio before the Fish and Fries arrive.

The Beef Pies enough for two mouthfuls if your mouth is as small as mine. Tasted like super expensive 'siew pau' if you ask me.

Our Chocolate Moist Cake that's crumbly and dry D8. This is RM12.90 ala carte price. Even cake mass produced in factories would taste better =_= and more moist. This cake is so dry it felt like it was left in the fridge for days.

After lunch, we walked around here and there. I realized there's nothing to shop at MidValley D8 compared to Sunway Pyramid and 1 Utama. 5pm, I went for the CLarins launch which was ANOTHER bad experience *sigh*.

I registered and was ushered to the refreshment table. There weren't enough seats and the drinks took a while to be refilled. After that we were attended to individually. I was brought to the skin analysis table and was given the most inexperienced consultation I've ever come across =_=. I won't bother going into details but in short, she asked me to change my moisturizer only cuz it's a common brand. My moisturizer has clearly helped in improving the hydration level of my skin judging by the comments of the Clinique SA and during my most recent facial session.

After the skin analysis, I was brought over to the makeover table. There was a queue but it was good that the SA took her time in making sure each guest gets a good makeover. When my turn came, another SA came and switched places. She did my makeup in a rush D8. Coverage was good but the eyeliner was all smudgy and the lipstick she applied onto me was too thick.

Then it came to the tunnel where guests can walk thru the tunnel to know more about the product and at the end of the tunnel there's 4 doors. You pick a door and 4 random keys from a basket full of keys. If the key you picked, unlocks the door of your choice, you'll get a prize =D. I was a bit disappointed that no SA walked with me through the tunnel and the shove the basket of keys with me without telling me more about their product. When I came home and read the reports of other bloggers, I was also sad that I wasn't presented with my door gift >< *sigh* quite a messy launch.

My freebie from Laneige. Saw the cutout coupon in the Star newspaper on Thursday =D

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