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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Origins: Get Out Of The Red

On Friday I got a call telling me that someone backed out of the Origins workshop and asked me whether I wanted to attend. I couldn't say no of course XD I've never attended Origins workshop before and this workshop is free with refreshments and door gifts! So today, I rushed my errands as quickly as possible before making my way to Maya Hotel for the workshop. I found an open area parking 2 blocks away for RM4 per entry or I could've parked at the hotel and get a flat rate of RM8 after validation from the concierge (like hell I'd pay!).

The workshop is held at the Sky Lounge on the 13th floor. They gave me a pair of slippers to be worn in the lounge XD (which they forced us to take it home as well).

The place looks super comfortable!! Everyone's dressed in red since that's the dress code but the name of their workshop is Get Out Of The Red, oh the irony.

The testing table! *drools* Other tables had candles TwT

The food which sucked in my opinion. Very little choice but hey I'm not that unhappy about it.

All is good with Twinnings Tea! *o*/

Today's workshop talks about skin inflammation and having a good night sleep, how their products, Dr Andrew Weil range will help solve the problem. The speaker asked for 3 volunteers to let them 'understand what pain is' by giving them a strip of wax and asked them to wax their own legs D8 and then apply Origins Mega Mushroom Face Lotion which will help reduce the redness on skin. The lotion is often used for their facials so that customers won't walk out of the centre with a tomato face XD;;

Another product they highlighted during the workshop is the Night Health Bedtime Balm. A balm that works like a massage oil, spreading it onto the key relaxation points on your neck, shoulder and feet to relax the body. They gave us a generous amount for us to try. I'm not sure whether it's the lack of sleep I had for the week or the balm working but I had the best 2 hour nap when I came home XD;; This is one product I might consider to purchase.

Part 2 of the workshop was about keeping makeup simple and Bobbi Brown did a demo on how to do a quick touch up for daily makeup. This is the first time I've heard a makeup artist telling me there's no need for foundation XD;; and I approve! Didn't stay long to get my makeover done as my dad wanted to go Tesco.

The door gift from Origins. Ginger Burst body wash and 2 liptints. There was also a sample redemption voucher from Bobbi Brown, 1 RM50 cash voucher, 1 furry clutch and 1 pouch from Maxi & Co which is not in picture.


  1. oohh so lucky u! ;p

  2. What's so lucky lol XD;; You can go sign up for the workshops too XP.

  3. nice.. never attend one before dont think hav time :(

  4. Awww X3 nvm there's lots of workshops for grabs.