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Friday, March 26, 2010


The agony about waiting for my pay is that I'll start planning all the stuff that I wanna buy *groans* and thinking about all the debts I gotta settle, by the time my pay comes in, I'll settle my debts but will be too afraid to buy anything. Ever since I started working, I've been eating alot ;w; just for yesterday I ate a big bowl of porridge for breakfast, 2 1/2 bowls of rice + nyonya dishes for lunch and wanton + watermelon juice + soft cookie for dinner. Omg hope my budget for food will be enough DX.

GACC has left me tired and drained for this week @_@. my boss asked me whether I was tired since I yawned in front of him orz. Time to catch up with my sleep this weekend. My weekdays are all dedicated to work. I come home around 9+, take a shower, snack a little and watch 1-2 episodes of Psych before I head to bed for 6 hours of sleep =/. It's difficult for me to arrange programmes for my weekends since I'll be feeling so tired and I have commitments T_T (CF and dentist).

Small reminder to myself to get these stuffies:

  1. Sunblock

  2. Bigger bag the size of Cleo magazine


I'm wearing the same old shit to office and I'm surprised no one made any noise yet. Foundation can wait for a while since we don't need to wear makeup to office so I'll have some savings while I pay my Blackberry debt off DX.

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