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Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Not Dead~~~

I have 2 posts stored in my draft cuz I never had the time to finish them =(. I admit, Twitter and the Blackberry has taken my life and passion for blogging away 8D but I still do take pictures, hoping to upload and share them in my blog :3. This post is another backdated post with pictures dating back to since the day after grandma's funeral till my first few days of work.

Necklace from my grandma's stash, I took it since there's a symbol of a dragon behind =D

Pretty? :3

And a cute piece of fishy jade~

Cat perfume, a Hong Kong souvenir from Audrey.

Work can be really hectic sometime. It's really unpredictable which explains a lot of unfinished drafts x_X. Boss keeps calling me for meetings and right after that, there's tons to do. Good thing is, all work can be finished by 6 =D. My workplace is quite secluded, very difficult to find food, especially mixed rice D8 and I have the biggest appetite among all the girls~ X3

Vegetarian Fried Rice, doesn't suit my taste. Worst meal ever so far ;w;.

The best thing about my workplace? I can go see the pet shop everydayyyy \*o*/

The Taman Megah food court nearby has so many stray cats to play with too *o*

Not forgetting the nice food of course =D This is Johnny's nasi lemak when we had dinner god knows how long ago.

Now you know why I'm happy at work~ =D


  1. Nasi Lemak? That's Millenium Crispy Chicken Rice babe.

  2. the sambal is hidden behind =P