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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Had this at Warung Belly's near my office. I feel so cheated eating this ;_; It's called Fried Nasi Lemak. To me it felt like I paid them extra to mix the sambal into my nasi lemak, dump in some vege and handful of onions DX which weren't very nicely shredded I might add. Taste was okay thankfully, sweet and a little spicy which is my preference =D

Parking today was a little problematic, damn machine doesn't like 10 cents so if you put more than 5, it'll spit out ALL your coins and you gotta starts from RM0.00 D8. I had to put in TWICE and carefully separating the 10 and 20 cents among the 50 cents TwT Perks working in the office is people envy my youth and body~ *flees*

My Starbucks cup is 'officiated' after hiding in the cupboard since 2007 lol

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  1. ~office people envy your youth and body~ @o@!!! cannot imagine !!!

    *good luck and have nice working day :D