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Monday, March 15, 2010

Funny Huh? =D

People tell me I'm weird for not being excited about my convocation. I'll tell why now that it's over =P

1. It's Overdone

You graduate at kindergarten, primary and secondary school. I've never experienced those but my younger brother has went through convocation twice and I really don't see the point of waking up on a Saturday to go receive an empty shell when I can spend that time doing something else =D.

2. The Ugly Robe

Really, my pictures look ugly enough and the last thing I wanna be caught with is me in an oversized robe, an ugly hat and a PINK sash (some other course got baby blue). It'll fill my Facebook scaring me for life~ There's enough ugly pics of me as it is.

3. Achievement vs Scale of Ceremony

After 4 years in that hell hole, they make a super big and crowded ceremony to display your face and announce that you've completed their torture chamber with a second lower class (in my case). Where's the fun in that...? It's not as though I achieved first class? Everyone has a degree now so what's there to hoo haa about?

There's more but I don't think it's a good idea to mention it here ~_~ and I took 3 days to make this entry cuz I was too darn busy XD;;

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  1. in my case I had to pay to get my photo taken, loan the robe, waste time waiting for the thing which went overtime by easily 2 hours, hot stuffy and BORING opening ceremony, boring speeches...

    I had to PAY to graduate. As in if I don't loan the robes, I don't get them, ie I don't graduate. wtf?