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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Women Make The Right Decisions! =D

When I'm without a camera, I have no spirit to blog TwT. The Blackberry has a better camera but I'd rather have a camera by itself ;w; Went for dinner with Jonathan last night at Swensens and men just can't seem to order the right food XD;; His spaghetti arrived with CHUNKS of beef and the sauce looks dried up. My fish baked rice was very nicely done *_*, the cheese half melted so it oozes~~~~ The best part was the dessert: Banana Crumble.

It's sizzling! *_*b RM22 serves 2 people =D Have to eat it quick while it's hot cuz it's disgusting when cold ><

For you freebie hunters :3 Just fill up the form at the main site and print it out!

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