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Monday, March 22, 2010

Morning With A Blank Face

One of the most highly anticipated cons of the year is now over once and for all TT__TT. I went for GACC during the weekend. The usual roadtrip came with frustrations along the way but we all had our fun. GACC day 1 was in the male/female changing rooms omg. The noise and atmosphere was unbearable, music blared to the max in such a small room and the stench of sweat fills the place DX. I had the opportunity to judge for the cosplay competition and was given a tag but can't wear it OTL. I like the souvenir but I wish I can trade it to get discount for their T-shirt instead X3.

After observing the cosplay competition at GACC, I realize the prize plays a HUGE part in getting cosplayers to join =/. No longer cosplayers join for the fun of it which makes it a bit sad TwT. The trip back too quite long thanks to the epic jam DX. I reached home at 12 and went to bed at 2 after bathing and unpacking. This morning I woke up feeling dead and now I'm feeling extra crappy since I didn't bring my jacket and glasses *sigh*

Oh yes and throughout the weekend I got 3 necklaces!

I got this from Ikano for RM 19.90 =D Goes really well with my bohemian long skirt.

A handmade pendant from Jonker Street, Melaka =3. This was only RM10 and the most I can afford TwT. Other necklaces cost RM40++

A Tateossian Tiger Eye Pebble Necklace from my uncle. This organic and fresh Tateossian "Pebble" necklace showcases a hand carved Tiger Eye concave pebble shaped pendant hanging from an adjustable Italian leather necklace. The necklace also includes our signature logoed and hallmarked sterling silver curved tube and is delivered in an elegant black box with a brown velvet interior. Description from the website @_@. I dare not mention the price of this thing!

Good haul this week :3 I won't need to buy any accessories for this month =D


  1. Pretty Tiger Eye is pretty! :D

  2. wahh the tiger eye is cool weii...

  3. Thanks =D at first I thought it's just some random stone lol!