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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rosti oh Rosti~ I'm mad for Rosti~

This week marks the end of the long string of holidays T___T No more public holidays till May!!! *sobs* this is why I can't go to Singapore yet XD;;; I'm just so pampered by Malaysian public holidays hehe~ We had Monday and Tuesday as a holiday so I thought of heading out for some market research~

Had a nasty fall on Monday followed by a fever, cough, cold and diarrhea in the next 24 hours.... Let me introduce you to my new best friends...
Following me more closely than the yellow man :3 
The lipbalm was a life savior, one of the best I've used. Should probably put it on my review list :D. Being sick didn't stop me from doing my other shiz!

Did some shopping that should be done at least a year ago....
Mountains~ =D
Went to a friend's birthday partyyyyy

Party was held at Marche! I've never been to the place but have read up on their Marketplace Dining concept so was curious to try.
The shops! *O*
We were given a passport at the entrance and it gets stamped after every order. At the end of the meal, the passport will be given to the cashier to calculate X3 It's like dining at a very expensive food court with better food XD;;
My passport!
Potter had kindly set a menu for all the guests but I ended up taking the ala carte passport since I was still having flu and cough, can't really eat much =(
Beef bacon rosti!!! :D 
The only place I know that has rosti besides Outpost cafe which closed some time ago. The rosti wasn't very crispy and it's horribly oily but for this much and RM14.90, it's not too bad :D. I have such a huge rosti craving now T_T;; I'm gonna hunt every single cafe in KL that sells rosti next!
Birthday girls~
We were encourage to cosplay for the event too so me and Jared went as Spongebob and Patrick!
Close enough! =P

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