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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

ドラえもんの世界 2012

It all started when....
- Tuesday -
Colleague: *shows Doraemon World event info*
Me: Wah RM35 leh so expensive T_T somemore in Genting
Colleague: You get a Limited Edition TnG Doraemon card leh
Me: .....LETS GO!

And that was how I was suckered to go to Doraemon World by my colleague. We went on Saturday with a party of 3~~

This entry is quite picture heavy so I'll have to put a jump break for this :3

Everything required a queue...
We queued for the Skyway....
Sea of peopleeeeee
We queued for the entrance.....
Queue starts all the way on the right! Yes we started there *groans*
Just as we thought we're done queuing....
There was another queue right after the gate to the Doraemon Town!!!!
Took the time to camwhore instead~
With mah new TnG Card~ 8D
I brought my book to read and by the time we entered Doraemon Town, I've finished 1/4 of the book =(. Here we can see the life size version of the familiar locations used in the comic =D
Going through the Pintu Suka Hati to the next location~ Seriously I love the concept behind this!
Nobita's Room with no Nobita rofl
Nobita and family in the dining.
Sinyu's house. Giant is sitting in a really weird position. i've never seen him sit like that before D8
The time tunnel! =D
You know what's missing? Shizuka's bathroom!!!!! XDDDDD;;;;;
The tour was conducted in CHINESE (WTFISH!?!?!?!?) so I was lost in translation bohoo! We only had about 3 minutes in each setting and the most annoying part was that people kept taking pictures of them IN the set D: uhhhhh I think it looks much better without you humans in it!! T_T By the time I took the pics, the tour was moving to the next set #^$@#@^$&$#!!!

After the tour, we were left on our own to explore Nerima Street. Here you'll find the ever so popular Dorayaki store and other booths selling merchandise. The custom TnG card booth has the longest like T3T so I didn't get to go and make my Ryoma or Sanzo TnG T3T.
Dorayaki was selling at RM10 and available in Red Bean, DURIAN (@A@) and Chocolate & Biscuit flavour
The Doraemon Gallery was hidden behind Nerima street =A= we almost missed it pfft!
Enter Doraemon's pocket!
and into the Gallery~

From here on, I must admire my camera's ability to pierce through smudgy glasses and take picture as though the object is right in front!!! XD Behold!
Smudgiest of them all and beyond saving =__=;;

Next was the Doraemon Carnival, the money sucking part of the event aside from the Mall lol. It's pretty much a fun fair with a Doraemon Theme~ We were just in time for the show which was only at 1pm, 5pm and 8pm. No pictures of the fair but I have pictures of the performance :3
Meet the cast~ Doraemon is so short, I'm convinced it's a kid under that suit!
I'm very surprised they moved quite well in those costumes @_@ My friend recorded the performance so waiting for him to upload it hehe~

Merchandise that I brought home~
Super happy I got the last Doraemon shirt in that design =D~ 
The journey wasn't over since we had to survive another long queue back to the Skyway! *cries* it was a 45min wait this time =( I think all together we wasted almost 4 hours in just queuing. What's more disappointing is that people were disappointed about the event! If only these disappointed people didn't go for the event, I don't think we'd have to queue that long T3T.

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