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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pig Out @ The Hungry Hog

Valentines? Roses? Chocolate??? What the fuck is that? Yea yea call me the Valentine Grinch but the idea of having a day specifically just to buy my darling's love with roses and chocolates is such a turn off. True I did that in my freshmen year with my first but that was pretty much it. I'm not a big fan of receiving roses as well.... it's 10 minutes of happiness then the rest of the day pondering where to place the roses only to throw them when they wilt. Such a waste isn't it? (I think by now boyfie is super sad? lol)

I did receive chocolate though =P but not from Jared
Chocolate from Jia Chee~
Not as a Valentine gift though, got it as a souvenir from her trip to Rome XD;; Packaging is really weird with the cats on the box. Googled a bit and found out these chocolates are called Cat Tongues which is Katzenzungen in German. These chocolates are a treat in European countries and the chocolates are shaped in cat tongues. Thanks for the souvenir, Jia Chee~ 

While some couples flocked to posh restaurants during this commercialized event, we decided to go for a bacon fest at The Hungry Hog. Been dying to try the place for some time and people said the food is quite good. I got goosebumps when I read a foursquare tip about a hugeass cockroach climbing up someone's leg but it was too late! Already there waiting for Jared lololol
Simple sign to the cafe, I almost missed it LOL
Interior was simple and clean though I wish the floors were white. Easier to spot roaches XD;;
My tea arrived with warm milk! Plus points for that though I wish they put it in a small jug with a spout =P makes it easier to pour into my tea.
BACON STRIPSSSSS These were delicious~! and expensive T_T
Jared's i-Pork. He said it's too soft for his liking XD;;
My Bacon Spaghetti. I missed out the word 'chili padi' on the menu ;__; it was horribly spicy and oily orz
I felt the chili in my spaghetti overpowered the bacon T_T. I think my cough will go worse with the amount of greasy, oily, spicy food I took today lol.
No chocolates for Char Siew Pao but got her a treat instead =D

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