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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Locked In A Tower

My Chinese New Year hasn't been enjoyable so far but I hope everyone else had a blast collecting angpow, stuffing yourselves with food and gambling your hard earned angpows away =D. I had to bring my ass to Ipoh this CNY since I've been avoiding all Ipoh trips with my family the whole of last year. See, ever since my grandma passed away, mum has been having loads of problems with my grandpa. The house ain't very big so the rest of us could feel the tension during the whole trip. Turns out this trip is as stressful as what I experienced during my last trip. We'd be sitting at the dinner table and not a word is said.... but let me not bore you with my family problems.

Once I touched KL soil, I immediately told my parents I had to work and escaped to office for the last few days of the holiday. Anything is better than being around my mum!

I took lots of photos of my trip but they were mostly pictures of dogs and cats I chased after =P

Meals at Ipoh were too luxurious for my taste.....I live a simple life when it comes to food so things like deer meat and pig intestines don't appeal to me =( I ate a lot less compared to what I usually eat. Instead of gaining a few pounds, I think I lost a bit, which is good I guess hehe.
Pot of meat that was served during the second day of CNY. I only ate the prawns...
Lou sang is a must for last 2 weeks XD I had 3 so far. 1 with grandparents, 1 with parents friends and 1 with office~
Taken with office colleagues at Eastin Hotel~ The buffet was excellent!
I was looking forward to the angpow designs this year since it's the Year of the Dragon. Was hoping to keep some but most of the designs were terrible T3T. The only angpow I'm keeping this year.... is an Angry Bird angpow *facepalms*

Souvenirs were mostly stuffs for my cosplay~
Japan Fanta! The ones in KL were all in Thai.
Had the chance to watch fireworks upclose! Was the first for me and I really enjoyed it~ XD
Thanks Josh~

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