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Monday, August 1, 2011

Post To Life

Because Inglot was an ass now allowing me to take pictures, this post shall be a photo post about my life~ I went to Inglot, Sunway Pyramid to check their newly opened store. Well it's been open for more than a month but I didn't have the chance to visit till last week.

The store was spacious and I loved the range they had especially on the lippies and eyeshadow. Their freedom system palette is definitely something to rave about as you can customize your own palette and the price varies. Price wise, it's slightly lower compared to MAC. Only thing I could remember was the lippies cost RM50 and the eyeshadow was RM28. I'm eyeing their star product, the make up base which is priced at RM78 for 15ml. Now that one is a little pricey which is why I'm selling off my Smashbox primer before getting it.

The SA that attended to me didn't eye me like a scumbag unlike the rest of the lot. She knew what she was selling though she sounded a bit like a robot. Then again, it's better than having them stalk you around the store not saying a word. The part that was a bitch was when I wanted to take photos of the store. I think the supervisor eyed me like I was some upcoming brand manager stalking his top-secret-shop-that-no-one-has-pictures-off. Sad really..... no explanation given to why I wasn't allowed and I didn't tell them I wanted to take pictures for blogging. Shows how much they treat normal customers =(.

After my visit to Inglot, we went to Dragon-I to fill our stomachs since I've wanted to try their Siu Long Bao
Have I mentioned that the appetizers are yummy too? XD;; Couldn't stop eating them.
Siu Long Bao~ Very expensive but very nice *w* RM9.80
 Went to HMNK to visit the 2 cats. They were quite still that day so I manage to take a few photos.
No matter how I take the pictures, she always ends up looking so grumpy >_>;;
Blurry pic but this is the only picture with her eyes open XD;;
They don't get along, this is the closest they sit to each other.
And finally to show how fat Char Siew Pao has gotten @__@
Moving on, today is the first day of the puasa month and the streets are empty!!!! *throws confetti* I rushed home from office to take the LRT to PWTC and I was back home in less than an hour during rush period! *_*b Still very busy trying to get the items for the photoshoot. We'll be having a meet this Saturday to finalize stuff =D

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