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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Between Bleeding or Aching

After 3 years of having braces, I think my teeth are throwing a silent tantrum.... My teeth started aching whenever I eat cold or hot things. Now this is a huge problem since whatever I eat is either cold or hot unless I eat everything in room temperature >_>;; so I picked up Sensodyne a couple of weeks ago.
I just wanted to make an entry to show pretty packaging 8D
Picked up the smallest (and so happens the most expensive) tube I could find. t's about an extra RM3 compared to their standard pink or green range. There's no clear difference to me other than the packaging and the prices, all of them end up protecting your teeth ~_~. I bought this tube just because of its unique printing so yea... kill me! DX
Looks like face wash lol
The tube doesn't look like toothpaste too @_@ I thought it was a face wash and it doesn't help that the toothpaste is now together with my skin care bottles XD;; All my care items are a bunch of tongue twisting brands *_* I now use Sebamed face wash, Systema toothbrush and Sensodyne toothpaste @A@;; pening babi sia....

The toothpaste does help a lot with my teeth but the toothpaste doesn't lather up like normal toothpaste so there's no 'lubricant' when I brush my teeth which ends up making my gums bleed since my toothbrush bristles are a lot smaller. The only way I can think of avoiding bleeding gums is to brush even softer =_=;; and hope the dirt gets scrubbed off OTL

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