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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dammit, cosplay and work has been taking me away from my blogging lol. I've been so busy preparing for the photoshoot last week. Based on the characters and costume, it may seem easy but what we wanted to achieve was hard =/. I took up gym just to tone up for my character. 2 months in the gym and there's a slight difference. I'm glad it all paid off =). I spent about 2-4 weeks scouting for the perfect tennis bag because the one that came from Taobao was a badminton bag @A@;;
See how small Audrey's bag issss >A<
Next was tons and tons and TONS of research to perfect our poses to be as close as our characters. Thank god both of us have basic (VERY basic) tennis training back in high school so we just have to practice and to get as close as possible.
Yes squash court is our best friend.
So... results of our months of hard work?
Thin legssssss Well not stick thin yet but I'm happy at how they look in photos *_* Photo by Reina
Back shot of me cuz I don't look 12 or a shota >w<
Now I'm waiting for the action shots *w* We realized we missed out a hell a lot of things so most likely there's a second shoot coming if we're hardworking enough *_*

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