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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Singapore In A Post

Can't say it's in a nutshell cuz this is definitely not some nutshell XD;; Singapore was more of a vacation for me than a work trip. A very stressful vacation because everything was in SGD and I had to think twice! =( Actually I don't think there should be much to think about cuz all of the items are down right expensive and I'm broke =(. I was stress from resisting everything that caught my eye T_T;;

But it's all over now and I survived. The most expensive thing I bought was the Ezylink card HAHAHA. The 7-11 cashier gave me a funny look when I asked her does the top up in the card have any expiry date. In summary:

1. Toilets oh toilets!
I'm already missing those super clean toilets in Singapore. Every. Single. Toilet is clean down to the toilets at those dodgy cafe corners. We were eating dinner at some noodle house in Bugis and their toilet is all white and way cleaner than my own toilet! Lololol.

2. Hotel
We were staying at Grand Pacific Hotel, formerly known as Allson Hotel. For a 4 star hotel, it's funny that they didn't have hotel when a mamak in KL can have their own wifi D: Putting that aside, the rooms were good, have a look =D
Yes I brought my bolster. Problem officer?
There were quite some funny incidents. My room was always colder than usual even though we remove the card that turns on the electricity but the creepiest incident was when the TV was on blaring at the loudest volume in the middle of the night. It was weird because normal when the TV is turned on, it goes back to channel 1 and at mid-volume but I woke up to find it on the last channel we watched and at the loudest volume =_=;; 

Have I mentioned the showers were HEAVEN! The pressure and the temperature was just right! And there's handheld showers which I prefer compared to the stationary shower heads! The toiletries were shitty though... The conditioner shampoo brought my hair into tangles halfway. It hurt so much, I had to use my hair serum to detangle my hair. There were still tangles in the morning so I had to make my hair go through the serum ritual again. 

3. Food
This time, I didn't have a bad experience with food. It's probably because we ate hotel and cafe food most of the time. Funny part was the Singapore branch took all of us to eat a local food buffet the moment we landed. The local food was all Malaysian food!!!! and the restaurant was playing BM and Hindi songs *facepalms* 

Throughout the whole trip, we were fed 5 times a day *facepalms* There's breakfast, tea, lunch, TEA AGAIN then dinner *dies*. I gained about 2kg when I weighed myself. I'm silently hoping it's the muscle but fat chance XD;; Everyday I had bacon for breakfast. There was LOTS of bacon....
Bacon heaven~~~~
And now I'll be avoiding bacon for the next 6 months XD;;. I also drank a heck lot of water while I was in Singapore. Good for me but I kept going to the toilet. Now that I'm back in KL, it's back to mentally preparing and anticipating what we'll find in the cubicles ;_;

Now this deserves a post of it's own doesn't it XD;;

5. Training
This time, our training covered the very basic on using social media for business. Training took almost a full day and half of the people were playing with their phones.

6. Sight Seeing
We had time to go sight seeing at night during our trip in Singapore. The first night, I went out with Gwen to get Audrey's iPad, then I went hunting for Fanta which was a disappointment because they don't bring the can in. I traveled from Funan to Liang Court to Central then to Bugis for dinner. We were back in the hotel in 1 hour and 15 mins! Gods how I love the bus transportation there! *_*

On day 2, training ended earlier than expected so our MD took us on a tour to Marina Bay Sands. The place looks lovely. All of us spent time jakunning and taking photos.
Johnny exercising his tummy!
Ugly picture of the skies.
Taken the same time as the previous picture but so much difference. This definitely calls for a new cam  >_<
Wide pavements and lots of people but still enough to roll around
We just had to plank there. Photo by Johnny >_>
My photo of him was nicer >_> and it had a helicopter right in the middle too!!! D:
At night, we walked down the streets of Orchard roach back to our hotel. Took about 30mins and our legs were shaking by the time we reached the hotel XD;;

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  1. Shopping there is heavenly... Especially paper crafts shops!!! I love PaperMarket! <3 SO MANY GORGEOUS CRAFT SHOPS WQFOPJMGVRO:LGJMOPWER:LVO: >w<