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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pump It Up!

I feel lazyyyyyy. There's nothing but tennis and POT swimming in my head since I've yet to develop the storyboard for the upcoming shoot. We had a trial run last week and we ended up playing for 3 hours! Not bad really. I'm very surprised with my stamina and heck I could still go on! *_*b We improved much more compared to when we were at school XD;; The balls don't fly out of the gate anymore, our rackets didn't collide, my upper hand serve enters the service box finally! *_* About 3 weeks left till the actual shoot. Sent my wig for styling, can't wait for the outcome! =D I'm still feeling so 'gung ho' from the session.

Gym has been good too. I did my measurements last week and found out I gained a bit of weight and I gained a hell lot of muscle too and only at 3 weeks of progress =D I suspect it might get a little slower from here on hehe.

This week will be any bust week for me. I'm so tempted to put blogging on a hiatus *gets kicked*. I have a presentation due next week and it's about a bloody thick brochure to present so I have to practice from tomorrow onwards. On top of fulfilling the visits to gym 3 times a week, I have to run to Bangdar this Thursday to check out the new stock of Yonex bags. I just hope it's either the Tourny Basic series, the Pro series in blue or black or else I'm screwed >_<.

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  1. Woah~
    I never played tennis before......><
    wanna learn....><
    Where you send your wig for styling....??
    **just my curiosity...T^T