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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The only thing I like about living in Malaysia? The gazillion holidays we get for the ever stupid reasons XD Today was a holiday for me *w* but some of my friends were unfortunate to have to go to work today haha. Still, I still didn't ditch my routine. Woke up at 8.45 and went to gym for my dose of workouts then flew to Bangi to collect my tennis bag.
Old and new side by side. Wide lens is wide *_*
I've been scouting for this bag at almost all the tennis shops. Well not really all, I targeted the ones that are highly recommended by the tennis community since I can bargain with these shops and they're quite reasonably priced. I wanted this bag for my cosplay project and also as an upgrade since my old bag is too small. I bought the Yonex Tournament Series 2010 for RM96 after discount which was a good bargain =D
6 racket compartment
Even though I only have 2 rackets, the other compartment is for me to store tennis balls, towel and water. There's still space for my shoes and valuables too! :3 So I can pretty much bring only this bag to the court.
Cat resting at the mamak when I was having lunch
Kitten hiding under the rack <3
Came back around 2pm and made some calls to see which commissioner of oath is available to sign my loan forms. It was cheaper than I expected but now I discovered that my documents have to be signed too =_=;; so I'll probably have to take leave to settle it then immediately submit them *sigh*. 

Oh! and last night me and Johnny were treated buka puasa and premiere tickets to a movie!
Guess? =D
Yes I'm a Gleek!
But first, we gotta fill our stomachs!
The makan was buffet style filled with a mixture of Malay/Chinese/Western dishes. Nothing much to rave about there but I particularly like one of the desserts.
Sago and gula melaka
The dessert was nice and sweet but I find the sago too sticky so the gula melaka doesn't coat nicely around the sago when I cut the sago. The movie started at 9pm mostly snippets of the tour concert, fan testimonials and behind the scenes with the cast. I'm a bit sad that they didn't play some of the really good songs >< and Sue Sylvester didn't make an appearance!!! Probably she thought that the movie sucks so bad that she didn't wanna play a part of it XD. I really enjoyed the fan testimonials, only thing I hope is that it's not fake XD;;

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