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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Review: Artistry Essentials Balancing Kit

Artistry is a world renowned beauty brand and among the top 5 beauty brands in the world. Marketed through Amway, this brand caters to all skin problems. The beauty of buying through Amway is that it has a 90-day return policy so I decided to give it a try. Few of my pals were using it and had good results.

Bought the Starter Kit Set

The starter kit comes with 3 full-sized items. The Balancing Cleanser, Toner and Lotion which comes with SPF15. I also got the pimple gel to treat my current acne problem.

Artistry Essentials Balancing Cleanser

  • Best for combination-to-oily skin.

  • Cleanses, clarifies, and exfoliates skin to a balanced finish.

  • Contains patented exfoliation technology.

  • Oil-free cleanser controls shine all day.

  • Adjusts for continuous oil control.

  • Safe for use on sensitive skin.

The cleanser comes in a gel form. I like gels cuz it's easy to spread so you'll only need very little for each wash. The 135ml bottle can g a looong way =D. I love how Artistry products smell <3 so gentle and sweet. The cleanser felt quite mild on my skin but it's missing that 'clean' feel I like to get after each wash. I'm starting to think maybe that's how all cleanser feels =/ It mentioned there that it exfoliates as well but I don't seem to feel the effect =( I'll explain more at the end.

Artistry Essentials Balancing Toner

  • Best for combination-to-oily skin.

  • Energizes skin revealing a fresh, matte finish.

  • Oil-free toner keeps skin perfectly balanced throughout the day.

  • Safe for use on sensitive skin.

The dealer told me this toner had some complications. Some of the users felt their skin itch after using it so she told me to soak the cotton pad with water and then pour the toner instead of directly applying the toner with a dry cotton pad. The toner contains some fiber at the bottom so make sure to shake the bottle before using =D. Nothing much to say about the toner, what else can I say anyways? D:

Artistry Essentials Balancing Lotion SPF15

  • Best for combination-to-oily skin.

  • Protects skin from the signs of premature aging.

  • Features UVA/UVB and patent-pending free radical protection.

  • Oil-free lotion keeps skin perfectly balanced throughout the day.

  • Safe for use on sensitive skin.

The lotion felt very lightweight and I only needed a small amount to cover my face =3 My gripe about this product is that my face will be come oily after a few hours but when I wake up in the morning, the oilyness just seem to disappear.... weird really =O


Overall, I just think my face is indestructible and Artistry just wasn't able to help me =(. I've been using the product for about 3 weeks and my face condition seem to worsen. My oil condition slightly improved but still oily. I can dab my finger to my face and see an oil stain there. What I'm very depressed is my pimples *sigh* My T-zone is pimple free but not my cheeks =(. My pimples are like nomadic beings, migrating from my t-zone to my cheeks =( searching for a place to breed for the next 6 generations *fantoi!*

What I liked about Artistry is how awesomely they smell <3 other than that, I can't use this product *sobs*

I'm sorry Artistry, you'll have to go ;__; All my reviews seem so negative lately.... damn face...


  1. hello there,

    I also have problem where there are pimples breeding ground on my cheeks. I'm also using this kit with added mask. Since my cheeks have cystic pimples, I try to use the mask everyday and seems it helped me to shrink those pimples and the cyst. I also noticed that my skin are glowing after using it. So, I recommend you to try the mask since it helped me.. Btw.. I just started using these for 3 days ago and I see the improvement..


  2. Oooh thanks shafaboo for the recommendation. Is it the Artistry Essentials Masques?

  3. yeah.. its the pore cleansing masque.. :D