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Friday, October 1, 2010

On The Park

Today I got a chance to visit the most expensive condos in Malaysia. Built on the 50-acre KLCC Park, this jewel offers an unblocked panoramic view of the Petronas Twin Towers and the KLCC Park. The penthouse is 4 stories high and was recently sold for RM38mil! We got to tour the penthouse but it was unfurnished =D The house was insanely huge with so many back lanes and stairs! What a good place to play hide and seek XD. We got to tour one of the furnished units on the 9th floor and boy it was pretty~! That unit cost RM15mil *heartache* Just like my boss said, it's not millionaires who can afford this place... only BILLIONAIRES! I'll let the pictures do the talking next XD

The building standing proudly!

The view at the lobby =D

The lobby to units. Gosh this place feels more like a hotel than a condo! The ceilings are at least 20 feet high @_@

The corridor on the 9th floor~ There's only 2 units on each floor and 3 lifts to service you!

Welcome to the RM15mil condo unit!

Unobstructed view from the dining area to the living room.

Arghh bring sun is brighttt >A< Master bedroom~!

With awesome house comes with awesome bathroom!

A piss area for him and her too! *shocku*

Sort of a walk-in closet *drools*

The second bedroom. I monyested the fur covers and they felt OH-SO-GOOD!!!! *swoons*

Heading up to the penthouse. It's 4 stories high and it's unfurnished so we had to go through the back way. The amount of back lanes in this penthouse is crazy! What a nice place for hide and seek~

The view from the penthouse. This is from the 42nd floor I think =D

Finally we reached the pool! Yes it looks like any swimmer can tip over and fall off 8D

You can imagine sitting at the edge of the pool and watch the fireworks now 8D

That's all I have =) It was a really interesting visit and I'm grateful was given a chance to see it <3

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