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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Of Small Reunions and Secluded Cafe's

Finally something personal! Last Friday I joined a small uni reunion for the AV batch. Meeting place was at One Cafe at The Strand. Funny enough, me and Johnny were late but still the first to reach the place lol. Honestly, I didn't expect myself to go for this kind of gatherings but heck I had time to kill and I didn't wanna go home =(

Damn this place is so hard to find. The Strand is a whole area filled with retail outlets and the place is BIG. It's quite near Sunway Giza so I had to trouble finding the area but had difficulty finding the place! D8

Johnny found a stack of Jenga blocks, there's something to kill time~ It was a draw anyways D: dammit!

My order, the usual Fish and Chips >w< The chips were actually very hard D8 and the fish was totally covered in overcooked bread crumbs. Not really worth the money *sobs*

Dessert!!!! Forgot the name but who cares! I'm sure all of you can see that it's some sort of chocolate cake D: *gets kicked* It was a bit dry >w<, I'm sad *sobs*

I'm surprised at how honest they were when I said I wanted water, they told me it's pipe water!! @_@;; End up they gave me bottled water with a glass filled with pipe water wtf. It tasted odd... like very unclean non-filtered water x_X. Thankfully Zef and Johnny were there so this banana isn't lost or out of place :3

Today I was quite swamped with work. I was running here and there and my period thought it'd be a great time to visit me!!! D: and earlier this morning I drank my slimming drink which I'm not suppose to consume during my period so cheers to the double pain now =w=;; I also haven't eaten anything except a sandwich today all because that very sandwich ruined my stomach. There were raw onions inside and I wasn't aware of it =( so here I am with tummy ache, ass hurting and me feeling like barfing.

On the good side, I got selected to review the Collistar Talasso Scrub! *o*/ Just received the news today so I can't wait to collect the product next week! *_*

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