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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Pillow Talk

Those who have me on Facebook or hung out with me recently know that I'm obsessed with the Ikea pillows I felt a couple of weeks ago. The soft down that cushions your head and also shaping itself to fit the curves *dreams on* ah but alas TwT the pillow also came with a heft price tag of RM129.

I was considering to use next months salary to buy it but then there's Uniqlo's store opening on Nov 4th ;__; I'm hoping to get a nice jacket and some shirts from there. Then there's also great discounts at CCKids! My Miku wig is only RM145 after discount and then I need to get Coffy's tail and her getup prepared before CF. Oh how money fliesss ;_;

Face is slowly recovering, just the huge cysts left. No breakouts so far =) even if there is, the whiteheads are all visible and popped easily. Speaking of which, I'll have to get my supply of serums since I'm on the second last box. Oh I think I'm drifting away from the topic

End up, I think I'll probably get the RM29 Ikea pillow ;__; judging by how much I'll spend within the next 2 months and that ends Neko's pillow talk *flees*

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