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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weekend Summary

Super busy schedule last weekend. Gwen came up to KL for our Sandplay photoshoot and we rushed like hell for our props on Friday. I had to take leave so that I won't feel so exhausted on Saturday....... I was still end up dead exhausted anyways lol. We manage to buy our materials and complete most of the stuff but the weather was against us that day =( It started raining around 3pm+ We thought the rain would stop by 7pm but oh boy we were so wrong =(. The rain kept coming and going. In fact, it started drizzling again around midnight FML!

Thankfully the rain stopped around 8pm so we all gathered at the wet, muddy park D8. I can't say the shoot was a success nor was it a failure =/. The weather conditions really ruined the shoot *sobs* but I'm happy with the photos.

One of the shots. Photo by Darrell

Only thing I'm happy from this shoot was my makeup XD;;

Sunday I KO-ed till 1pm and couldn't wake up till Gwen mentioned that Razrig uploaded photos! And my eyes snapped open *_* Decided to take Gwen on a small food trip starting with Beef Balls at Lai Foong, Petaling Street.

*slurpppp* I would recommend this place for its soup but for better Beef Balls, try Soong Kee XD

Dessert was Choco Banana Cake at Zang Toi, Pavilion. I ordered some mint tea and was surprised to find some mint leaves in there!

Checked out Farenheit 88 too and found a nice place to get my boots! I just need to slim my legs down >__<

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