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Monday, December 7, 2009

Review: Dermalogica CleanStart Range

Having a proper skincare regimen is important and I've only got to learn that when I was 18 as my mum insisted that just daily face cleansing would be sufficient. Once I started work, I took the initiative to do more product research and bought products to try. Only recently I have a complete skincare set (as in cleanser, scrub, toner and moisturizer) and my breakouts have finally calmed down (or maybe it's just the hormones).

I got the samples last month and they're still available. Just purchase the latest issue of Cleo and flip through till you come across a full page ad of CleanStart. There's a cut out coupon below redeemable at AsterSpring.

What you will be receiving. A pack containing their brochure, cleanser, scrub, moisturizer and sun block.

The cute part of this range is that each products is color coded and named with something quirky.

Wash off = Cleanser
All Over Clear = Toner
Ready, Set, Scrub = Scrub or exfoliator
Bedtime for Breakouts = A night moisturizer and repair treatment
Hit The Spot = Acne treatment cream
Welcome Matte SPF15/ Brighten Up SPF15 = Sun block
Smart Mouth Lip Shine = Lip balm

The trial set however only comes with 4 essential items:

Wash Off
A foaming wash containing orange peel and and salicyclic acid to remove impurities, bacteria and extra oil which explains the mild citrus scent XD Nothing much to mention about this cleanser.

Ready, Set Scrub
Serves as a masque and a scrub, Ready to Scrub only needs to be massaged and leave in for 5 minutes giving the refreshing menthol feeling that helps to reduce skin redness. This scrub is really different from the scrubs I've previously used. The scrub contains tiny Silica granules that help polish the face. It feels like rubbing sand paper on your face and I'm being totally honest here though I find my face feeling more refreshed using BodyShop's Tea Tree mask.

Bedtime for Breakouts
Made from natural ingredients such as licorice, cucumber and other plant extracts, Bedtime for Breakouts reduces skin redness and reduces oiliness. It serves as a night treatment helping to reduce breakouts by purifying, exfoliate and clears future breakouts lurking under the skin ensuring you with less congestion, breakouts and redness. Bedtime for Breakouts comes in a watery gel texture that spreads easily on face. Absorbs easily too I might add and the smell of the cucumber and plant extracts is stronger than Wash Off.

Welcome Matte Spf15
A lightweight lotion, non-oily formula that doesn't clog pores. Acts as a light moisturizer that minimizes shine while hydrating skin. Most importantly, Welcome Matte Spf 15 provides protection against the harsh sun rays.

Overall Thoughts: I'm quite satisfied with the Bedtime for Breakouts and Ready, Set, Scrub. The Bedtime for Breakouts is a non cream moisturizer which is suitable for people with super oily skin like me. As the gel spreads easily, the sachet provided is enough for 2-3 usages. I like the harsh scrubbing feeling when I use Ready, Set, Scrub. Some might find it feels as though someoe ripping your skin off but it depends on how hard you scrub your face. The rough scrubbing makes my face feel clean but not refreshing as the menthol effect isn't as strong as I expected it to be.

I wouldn't recommend Welcome Matte Spf15 if you're looking for a good sunscreen. There's lots of other brands available in the pharmacies with a higher SPF number. The highest as I'm aware off is SPF130 from SunPlay which is suitable for face and body. I'll highly recommend a sunscreen SPF50 and above if you're exposed to the outdoors on a daily basis as the heat and wheather overall in Malaysia is crazy

All though the range is targeted to teens age 15-25, the price says otherwise XD;; Each product ranges from RM85+ to RM120+ and to have the whole set would require an arm and leg especially if you're surviving on a student's income. I heard the lipbalm tastes like cake! haha~

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